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How to become famous: Carla - Aspiring actress

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Carla - Aspiring actress

One reader 'Carla' wrote "Hello i am in year 8 but i want to be a famous actress like Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff etc etc so how do i accomplish this dream of mine because i want to start my acting career right now so how can accomplish that."

It is refreshing to see someone so young have such ambitious goals! What you need to do is get out and audition. Talent can be recognized by chance appearances by agents at a local play, show, or even local TV, but you can also attend casting calls and get in front of the hiring agents directly.

Take a look at for some professional casting director information and resources.

Also, go to your local TV studios and check out when they have casting calls for local shows. While you are waiting for the next call, make sure you work on your presence, talent, confidence and self control (especially when speaking.)

Keep your goals in front of you and you can continue to advance your career.

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