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How to become famous: Alexis - already famous

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alexis - already famous

Alexis Says - "Hello i am famous and i don't think it is that great you never get any privacy and to much pressure"

I'm glad to know you are famous, but I think you should only be concerned with the pressure from within; especially as it concerns your performance, skill or expression of talent. Your greatest challenger should always be yourself, not the outside world.

Feeling the pressure of others (ie the press, etc) should be tolerated to some degree, but I hold that what is your private life should remain yours alone. Keep your private life private, live a good and honorable life, and let people talk. Good press and bad press is still press in some peoples minds, and both keep your name in the spot light.

If you no longer crave fame, then you should find a way to move on with your life and chose to do something different, or at least do things in a different way.

Privacy will come with time and patience, just don't let anyone control your feelings about things. Own your life, make good things happen for you and your loved ones and enjoy your good fortune.

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Anonymous said...

good stuff...thanks for writing about this topic.