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How to become famous: Self Control and Style

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Self Control and Style

Self control is one of the most basic tools we should learn to master, when it comes to our outward appearance. I'm not talking about our appearance as in what we wear, or how we style our hair, but how we behave.

We can behave in a wide number of ways, but to prove our value, we must have the self control to live a good life, free of poor decisions, free of outrageous stunts, free of drama. You have the power to control how you behave, in response to everything. Situations don't control our actions, but we can act out when we don't know how to act or react to a given situation.

I read a quote from author Ann Voss Peterson who said, 'Remember Barry Sanders, RB of the Detroit Lions? I believe it was his father who advised him that when he scored his first NFL touchdown, instead of doing a end zone dance, he should act like he'd been there before.'

It's great to celebrate life and the victories we achieve from our hard work and enterprising activities, but it is another to celebrate with a lack of self control. If we take ownership of our lives, and resolve our selves to act on our own thoughts and dreams, we will easily overcome the naysayers and traditions that have blocked our prior success.

Stand tall, and act with dignity in all things you do. Make it a habit for life and you will gain and keep the respect of others for life.


richie said...

ah yes! I think Self control is one of the most important things to style, and if you think about it, it goes way farther than we're used to think of it. When you achieve self control (I'm trying) you can simply be whatever you want.
Still, it takes some hard work.

(This blog is really cool by the way.)

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