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How to become famous: Helping Someone Else

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Helping Someone Else

I know that generalizations are typically not wise, but I firmly believe that everyone is capable of helping someone else. We can help someone else by sharing food, time, or money. We can someone else help by protecting, teaching, coaching and mentoring. We can someone else help by making contacts, introductions, and giving credit where it is due.

Helping someone else, be it a child, a sibling, a friend, coworker or stranger has intrinsic value. It's good for it's own sake. It is also good for you. By helping someone else, it puts you in a leadership or expert role; one that you should cultivate. You might find that your talent is stronger with coaching, teaching, or in philanthropy, especially when it helps to build your own skill level and subject understanding.

6 things you can do to help someone else:

  1. Encourage {someone else} to study or practice with you, as a partnership
  2. Help {someone else} establish their goals and steps to achieve them
  3. Hold {someone else} accountable to their goals
  4. Share a professional contact and phone number/email address with {someone else}
  5. Spend quality time with {someone else}; especially with children
  6. Be a good example. Demonstrate to everyone else your pride and discipline without fail
* replace {someone else} with a real name

Your career and personal life will become much more rewarding when you begin helping someone else. Make it a priority in your daily routine, at home, at work, on stage, on the field, etc to help someone for a few weeks and se what a difference it will make.

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Robert good blog- I am in the pursuit of this as well. And I am serious, unlike most people, its a fantasy. please send your updatews to my email

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