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How to become famous: Find your voice

Monday, September 3, 2007

Find your voice

While you are in pursuit of fame, fortune, leadership, or trust, you will learn to gain confidence in yourself and in your ability to speak in front of others. Public speaking is a requirement. Period, for anyone interested in becomeing famous.

If you are a writer, you will be speaking to fans on radio talk shows, book signings, press conferences, and maybe CSPAN, so get out of your shell, and find your voice.

If you are an actor/acrtress, singer, comedian, news reporter, or other personality, your voice will be heard wherever you go. Don't be afraid to show your confidence though your voice.
When captains of industry, or troops take charge, they do so with their actions, led by their confident voice.

Speaking in public, on camera, or behind a microphone requires confidence. Confidence in your subject matter, in your abilities to direct others, in your ability to ask questions, and ability to be asked tough questions.

Speaking in a mild tone, you will demonstrate meakness, which will allow you to be pushed to the side of competitors vying for the same spotlight as you. Competition is key to developing your public personal and voice. And, it is the winning attitude that gains more favor in our highly competitive world.

Demonstrate your strength of conviction, confidence and experience with your voice, and you are sure to edge out your competition. Speak up, with confidence and a natural cadence, ignoring the camera as a thing, and treat it as if it were a person. Set aside your stuttering, ah's, um's, and er's, and find your voice, from deep within you and show the world the confidence you have in yourself, without being full of yourself.

We can gain confidence in our selves though training and experience, but we can only find our voice when we believe what we have come to learn and experience is true.

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